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Hey there. My name is Dave Price and I am the creator, curator, and chief content contributor of writing/speaking/podcasting/tour guiding Talking ‘Bout My Generation project based in Washington, DC. Before that, I was a journalist (10 years) and an educator and educational consultant (29 years). At the project, we focus on the history, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle of the Baby Boomer generation

At this Website: Here you will find my writing from 2011 to today that in some way relates to Baby Boomers or their concerns.

As a Book Author: The first book in my 3-book series on classic rock titled Come Together: How the Baby Boomers, the Beatles, and a Youth Counterculture Combined to Create the Music of the Woodstock Generation was published in November of 2019. Come Together is currently available at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, DC. It can be purchased here through the Politics and Prose website. It is also available in a Kindle edition. Click here to purchase the book for Kindle for Amazon.

As a Tour Guide: I led First Amendment tours at the Newseum from 2017 until the museum closed in 2019. Beginning in October, I will guiding Baby Boom-themed tours for Smithsonian Associates in Washington, DC.

As a Blogger: I curate 4 blogs. They are:

The Baby Boom Experience: Then and Now,

Just Take Those Old Records Off the Shelf (1960 to 1969)

What’s That Sound: Rock Loses the Roll and Becomes Classic (1970 to 1985).

The DC Day Tripper

As Podcaster/Webcaster: I am a featured weekly recurring guest on of the Facebook/YouTube/Periscope/Twitch political talk program Divided We Stand

Here is a link to an online version of what academics call a CV and most of us call a resume. You can find out more there about who I am and what I have done there. Thanks for checking out my page. I hope you find things here to interest you and keep you coming back.

Talking ‘Bout My Generation Projects 2021

The Rock of Agers Series

from my book Come Together: How the Baby Boomers, the Beatles, and a Youth Counter Counterculture Combined to Create the Music of the Woodstock Generation (now available on Kindle)


  • Just Take Those Old Records Off the Shelf: The Music of the JFK Years Part I – 1960

Curated Blog 

Video Webcast

  • A Sense of the 70s: 1971 – Revisiting the Music, History, Culture, and Entertainment of the second year of the decade

Curated Blog

for Smithsonian Associates


  • We’re Not Going to Take It: 100 Years of Protests, Marches, and Rallies in Our Nation’s Capital. (Coming in October)


Curated Blog

  •  The DC Day TripperA Baby Boomer Highlights the Best Things to Do, See, and Eat in the Nation’s Capital and Its Metro Area (online now)

for Any Organization, Group, or Event

Audio/Video Presentation Talks

  • A series of customized live or online offerings dealing with topics of interest to Baby Boomers (See supplemental list)

Podcast/Guided Book Readings

  • Booking a Trip Back to the 60s: Using Fiction and Nonfiction to Understanding a Revolutionary Decade That’s Still Impacting Us Today (See List of Available Subjects and Titles)

In-Person/On-Line Trivia

  • Custom-designed trivia questions and games dealing with the formative decades of the Baby Boomers (See list of available topics)

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  1. Dave this is exciting news ! Can’t wait for your book to come out. You are one of the most MULTI talented folks I have ever known .Great reporter ,observer ,teacher . Best Doug

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