Talking ‘Bout My Generation Interactive Talks

Talks Taken from my book Come Together: How the Baby Boomers, the Beatles, and a Youth Counterculture Combined to Create the Music of the Woodstock Generation

Ready Now 

Series 1.  Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On: The Early Years of Rock and Roll 

  1. 12 Changes in America That Paved the Way for the Rock & Roll Explosion of the 1950s
  2. 7 Musical Styles That Were Merged and Mixed to Create a New Type of Music Called Rock & Roll
  3. What Was the 1st Rock & Roll Record? 
  4. 6 Early Rocker & Rollers Who Greatly Influenced the Beatles
  5. The JFK Years and Some New Frontiers for Rock & Roll (1960-1963)

Series 2. The Magical Musical History Tour: The Beatles Arrive, Thrive, and Reshape Our World

  • 10 Ways the Beatles Changed Music
  • 20 Reasons Why the Beatles Should Be Considered the Greatest Rock Band Ever
  • How the Music and Lifestyle of the Beatles Continue to Impact Society and Culture Today

Series 3: From Rock & Roll to Rock – A 6-Year Musical Road Trip from Liverpool to Woodstock

  • 1964 – The Beatles and the Music of the British Invasion
  • 1965 – The Beatles and Bob Dylan Give Rock Lyrics Deeper, More Mature Meanings and Themes
  • 1966 – Garage Rock Rules, but LPs like Revolver and Blonde on Blonde Begin Making Albums More Important Than Hit Singles
  • 1967 – Sgt. Pepper’s, Jimi Hendrix, and a Summer of Love Give Birth to Psychedelic Rock 
  1. 1968 – It’s Revolution for Street Fighting Men Born to Wild: Songs for Troubled Times 
  2. 1969 – From Atlantic City Pop to Woodstock to Toronto Rock and Roll to Altamont, It’s the Year of the Big Rock Festivals

Ready for December

Rock’s Roll in American Society and Culture

  1. One Toke Over the Line: Smoking Banana Peels, Purple Haze, Rock Music, and the Birth of the Drug Culture 
  2. Takin’ Care of Business:  10 Lessons Every Commercial Enterprise Can Learn from the Grateful Dead and Their Tie-Dyed, Noodle Dancing Hippie Tribe of Deadheads
  3. What a Drag It Is Getting Old: What the Rolling Stones Can Teach All of Us About Longevity and Aging

Ready for January 2021

The Keys to Classic Rock 

Presentation 1: Pounding Those 88s 

  • From Fats, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee to John, Paul, and the Beatles 
  • The Piano-Playing Singer/Songwriters of the 70s to Today 

Presentation 2: Making It Organ-ized

  • The Voice of the Vox; the Fame of the Farfisa
  • Root Down: The Jazzy Gospel Jam Sounds of the Hammond B-3

Presentation3: Getting Synthesized 

  • Mellotrons, Moogs, Modern Synths, and More

Ready February 2021

The Beatles and the Big Story

  • Feb. 11, 1964: The Beatles Stage a Second British Invasion of Washington, DC 
  • Imagine There’s No Heaven: Time Magazine Asks Is God Dead? and John Lennon Says (Or Does He?) That the Beatles Are More Popular Than Jesus
  • I Read the News Today, Oh, Boy: Paul Is Dead
  • Helter Skelter: The Strange Story of Charles Manson, His Murderous Family, and the Beatles
  • They Want to Crucify Me: John Lennon vs. J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI, and the United States of America

Ready for March 2021 

Listen to the Music: The Sound Waves of Rock & Roll 

Presentation 1: The 1950s/ Early 60s

  • 45 Singles, Car Cruising, DJs, Record Hops and After-School Hangouts – 1952 to 1959
  • Top 40 Hits, Portable Record Players, and Rock & Roll TV and Films – 1960 to 1963

Presentation 2: The Later 60s/ Early 70s

  • The Ed Sullivan Show, Shindig, Hullabaloo, and 8-Track Tapes – 1964 to 1966
  • The Rise of Albums and Underground FM Radio – 1967 to 1974

Presentation 3: The Later 70s/ 80s

  • Cassettes, the Walkman, and Personal Playlists – 1975 to 1980
  • I Want My MTV and my CDs – 1981 to 1989

Ready 2021 for April 2021

Keep Watching the Skies: How the Fears of the 1950s Were Reflected in Popular Culture and Still Continue to Haunt Us Today 

Presentation 1: The Demons Within

  • Wayward, Wild Teenagers and Juvenile Delinquency
  • Communism and the Red Menace 
  • Mad Scientists and Science Gone Awry

Presentation 2: The Devils Without

  • Atomic Armageddon
  • Terrifying Creatures and Mutant Monsters
  • UFOs, Flying Saucers, and Malevolent Aliens from Outer Space

Ready for May 2021

The Devil and the Divine in Classic Rock

Presentation 1: Runnin’ With the Devil

  • I Am the God of Hell Fire and I Bring You ……. Prog Rock: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  • Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings: Black Sabbath and the Birth of Heavy Metal
  • Welcome to My Nightmare: Alice Cooper Creates Shock Rock

Presentation 2: The “Holy” Spirit of Classic Rock 

  • Mother Mary Comes to Me: The Beatles and the Bible
  • You Gotta’ Serve Somebody: Bob Dylan and the Bible
  • It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City: Bruce Springsteen and the Bible

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