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Talks from my book Come Together

Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On: How Did Rock and Roll Come to Be?

  • 12 Changes That Paved the Way for the Rock and Roll of the 50s
  • What Was the 1st Rock and Roll Record?
  • Rockin’ ‘Round the Clock: DJ Alan Freed, the combo band Bill Haley and His Comets, and the movie Blackboard Jungle ignite a rock and roll explosion

Setting the Stage for the Beatles

  • The King and Court: Elvis and 6 other rock and roll pioneers who greatly influenced the Beatles
  • A New Frontier: The music of the Kennedy years (1960 to 1963)

From Rock and Roll to Rock: A 6-year musical road trip from Liverpool to Woodstock

  • 1964 – The Beatles and the Music of the British Invasion
  • 1965 – With Rubber Soul, The Beatles, Under the Influence of Bob Dylan and Pot, Create Song Lyrics with More Mature Meanings
  • 1966 – Garage Rock Rules, but Albums like the Beatles’ Revolver Begin Making LPs More Important Than 45 Singles
  • 1967 – With the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s as Its Soundtrack, a Summer of Love Gives Birth to Psychedelic Rock and the Hippie Lifestyle
  • 1968 – The Music of the Beatles, the Stones, and Others Reflect Turbulent Times
  • 1969 – The Beatles Stay Home But from Atlantic Pop to Woodstock to the Isle of Wright to Altamont, It’s a Year of the Big Music Festival
  • from Our Rock and Pop Culture Division – Rock of Agers Icons

Rock Icons and the Real World Series

The Bands

  • Here, There, and Everywhere: How the World Would Be Much Different Without the Influences of the Beatles
  • What a Drag It Is Getting Old: What the Rolling Stones Can Teach All of Us About Aging
  • A Traveling Show of Deadheads and Tie-Dye: The Radical, Yet Highly Successful Business Plan of the Grateful Dead

Individual Artists

  • The Answer Is Blowin’ in the Wind: The Great Protest Anthems of Bob Dylan
  • Is a Dream a Lie If It Don’t Come True or Is It Something Worse: Bruce Springsteen and the Unfilled Promise of the American Dream
  • Rebel, Rebel: David Bowie Drives GlamRock, Androgyny, and Gay Life Style

45 Revolutions a Minute: Singing Out for Social Change 

  • Just Show Me Some Respect: Songs Celebrating Gender Equality & Female Freedom 
  • Keep on Pushin’: The Greatest Songs of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud: The Songs of Black Pride and Power
  • We Gotta Get Out of This Place: Anti-Vietnam War Songs & Peace Classics
  • Smile on Your Brother: Songs Calling for Peace, Love, & Understanding
  • Look at Mother Nature on the Run Since the 1970s: Songs to Save Our Earth

The Free Speech & Protest Series

  • They Are Women, Hear Them Roar: DC Protests for the Vote, Female Equality, and Reproductive Rights 
  • They Had a Dream: 7 Decades of Civil Rights Marches and Rallies in DC
  • Hell No, We Won’t Go: The Pro-Peace, Anti-War Protests of the 60s and 70s
  • We’re Coming Out: The Fight for LGBTQ Rights in DC 
  • It’s Nature’s Way of Telling Us (Something’s Wrong): DC As One of the Centers of the Struggle to Save the Planet 
  • 1970s: Songs to Save Our Earth

Looking at the Darker Sides of Our Government by Decade 

  • The 1920s The KKK Rides Again: America First, White Pride, and the 1st Resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan
  • The 1930sBrother, Can You Spare a Dime? High Society, the Common Man, and the Great Depression
  • The 1940s – Behind the Wire: World War II, FDR, and the Japanese-American Internment Camps
  • The 1950s – Freedom Under Fire: Congress, McCarthyism, The Red Scare, the Lavender Scare, the Comic Book Controversy, and the Fear of Juvenile Delinquents, Blackboard Jungles, & Rebels without a Cause
  • The 1960s No Rockin’ in the Free World: J. Edgar Hoover & The FBI’s Secret Files on Rock and Roll Artiists, “Filthy” Songs, and “Anti-American” Albums 
  • The 1970s  One Toke Over the Line: Richard Nixon, His Enemies List, and the War on Drugs, the Youth Counterculture, and Rock Music

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