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Welcome to Talking ‘Bout My Generation: The Baby Boomer Experience (1946 to Today)

Hey there. My name is Dave Price. Or as I sometimes bill myself here at Talking ‘Bout My Generation … Older Today Dave … and I’d like to tell you a little about our DC-based program.

As you probably guessed from the full title, Talking ‘Bout My Generation deals with things interesting or important to Baby Boomers, the large generation born between 1946 (the 1st year after World War II) to 1964 (the year the Beatles arrived in America).

Since I arrived on the planet in 1952, I have been around to personally witness all but 6 years of the continuing Baby Boom era. When I retired from the 9-to-5 work world in 2016, I decided to use the skills I had developed in my 12 years in journalism, 20 years in high school English teaching, and 9 years as an educational consultant to create and operate Talking ‘Bout My Generation (and yes, I did steal the title from the 1965 Who single).

During our 1st 3 years, our projects included the writing and publishing of my book Come Together: How the Baby Boomers, the Beatles, and a Youth Counterculture Combined to Create the Music of the Woodstock Generation. (And yes, I did steal the title from the Beatles 1969 single – I’m sure you see a pattern developing here). I also guided Baby-Boom-themed tours at the former Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue and delivered a series of interactive lecture presentations at the Smithsonian and other DC venues.

However, the arrival of the Pandemic forced us to shelve all our projects. But that break did allow time to redesign and revamp our operation for its September, 2021 return.

I hope you will check out what our Talking ‘Bout My Generation has to offer by reading my book, subscribing to our blogs, listening to our podcasts, viewing our webcasts, attending our presentations, or joining us for one of the tours we design and guide.

This website is designed for you to discover what we offer. The website is divided into 3 parts. The 1st (located above) will highlight upcoming programs. The second (of which this post is a part) will detail what we offer. The 3rd, and by far the longest section, will showcase our best articles, podcasts, and webcasts dealing with the history, music, pop culture, and lifestyle of the Baby Boom Generation.

And, finally, if you do like what we’re offering, please subscribe to the email link above so you can get regular updates on what’s new at Talking ‘Bout My Generation: The Baby Boomer Experience.

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  1. Jackie Fishman

    Great to hear you’re still kicking around Dave… hey in touch when you can! Jackie

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