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Hello. My name is Dave Price and I’m the creator, curator, and chief content producer for Talking ‘Bout My Generation, a DC-based project which deals with interesting or important topics to Baby Boomers, the large generation born between 1946 (the 1st year after World War II) to 1964 (the year the Beatles came to America).

Since I arrived on the planet in 1952, I have been around to personally witness all but the first 6 years of the continuing Baby Boom era. When I retired from the 9-to-5 work world in 2017, I decided to use the skills I had developed in my 12 years in journalism, 20 years in high school English teaching, and 9 years as an educational consultant to create and operate the project (and yes, I did steal the title from the 1965 Who single).

During our 1st 2 years, highlights included the researching, writing, and publishing of my 1st book Come Together: How the Baby Boomers, the Beatles, and a Youth Counterculture Combined to Create the Music of the Woodstock Generation. (And yes, I did steal the title from the Beatles 1969 single – I’m sure you see a pattern developing here). I also guided Baby-Boom-themed tours at the former museum of news the Newseum on Pennsylvania, designed and delivered walking tours for Smithsonian Associates, and presented a series of interactive lectures at the Smithsonian and other DC venues.

However, the arrival of the Pandemic forced us to temporarily shelve all of live our programs. But now we’ve redesigned and revamped our operation for 2022 and beyond.

Throughout the year, we will be unveiling new blogs, articles, podcasts, and webcasts. We will also be offering new programs, presentations, and tours that can be delivered in-person or on-line.

This website is designed for you to discover all that we offer. I believe there is much here for you to enjoy whether you are a Baby Boomer, or someone from a younger generation who wants to learn more about the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and early 80s, or how the past is directly influencing our lives today.

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